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Have a look at our global customer testimonials and then become one of our happy and successful clients. We provide expertise on a wide range of revenue management (RM), pricing and service marketing strategy related areas designed to meet the needs of travel industry professionals. The scope of our programs ranges from introductory to advanced levels. 

Minimize the learning curve, and speed up the realization of benefits from any revenue management approach. Our personal service offerings include:

 1.       Interactive distance learning – books and training

Purchase one of our books or earn a certificate online from anywhere in the world. Interactive distance learning has several advantages compared to traditional classroom training. One is that it can be achieved anytime, anywhere, whether occasionally or consecutively in a training session. Add to that our individualized personal guidance and coaching via email and web conferencing and you are guaranteed success.

Our training allows you to study from our course manuals, the first now available in English, French and Spanish, a digital document of over 225 pages, with twelve modules, covering all aspects of the concepts and theories of revenue management. Our new Spanish course will be available soon.


Each module in the book has a comprehensive online quiz (multiple choice format). The manual, hand-out material and quizzes are accessible on mobile and tablet devices. The course material, hand-outs, case studies and spreadsheets can be downloaded.

An official training certification will be issued upon successful completion along with your final standing.

 2.       Coaching – one-on-one or team development

One-on-one interaction with an objective revenue management subject matter expert can provide a fast “up-to-speed” solution that other forms of organizational support simply cannot.


There is a great demand in the workplace for immediate results, and our expert coaching in revenue management can help provide that by answering questions and giving guidance in real time, in the context of your current or future job, without removing you from your day-to-day responsibilities.

3.       Training – on-site or team on-line

Education and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. The long-term gains associated with employee training make a difference. The short-term expense of a training program ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed. That’s an investment you can take to the bank. 

classroom training.jpg

Our practical airline experience and personality add an extra dimension to our subject matter skills in delivering a powerful learning experience.

For some companies, interactive distance learning offers opportunities that simply wouldn't be available otherwise. With the internet, employees can train at home, at the office, or while traveling.

Our learning management system can also be customized to meet your staff training requirements. At the same time, it offers consistent delivery, message and content that large organizations will especially appreciate. We can also give you reports on the progress and results of your team. Training certification will be issued upon successful completion along with final standings.


4.       Reference and research library

We have an extensive and current reference library of passenger marketing, pricing and revenue management related topics. These are in the form of relevant articles, papers, and presentations, available for research, projects, and to create training material or presentations. We can help you create what you need. All this reference information is in digital format so it is easy to access from a tablet or smartphone.

5.       Consulting

We are a global company dedicated to revenue management and pricing, our expertise comes from the practical experience gained in the daily application of revenue management and pricing principles, faced with the challenges and opportunities of companies operating on the many levels of service from global to regional, from traditional to low-fare, and also offering value-based branded fares and ancillary revenue services.

Our own experience includes business process innovation, project management, and six sigma.

We can help you with long-term profitable solutions by sharing our expertise and knowledge of best-demonstrated practices.



Email me at Let's talk about how we can serve you. We can discuss the many options and different approaches, and work out a schedule for online seminars if required. For countries where PayPal is not available, we can invoice and accept wire transfers.

Just press the button to start interactive distance learning today!

Just press the button to start learning today!