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On-line training and coaching in revenue management for passenger transportation

I am a global teacher, and my expertise comes from the practical experience gained in the daily application of revenue management and pricing. I have experienced the challenges and opportunities of companies operating on the many levels of service from global to regional, from traditional to low-fare. I have designed and implemented value-based branded fares and ancillary revenue services. I have trained thousands of people around the world.

RM resource material, on-line training and coaching covering air, rail and bus

1.   On-line Self-study or  Interactive distance learning
My self-study on-line courses have several advantages compared to traditional classroom training. They can be followed any time, anywhere, whether occasionally or continuously.

This is a valuable and very economical solution (all including online exam, and high-quality globally recognized certificate, mailed by post).

My interactive distance learning option includes on-line seminars with me as a coach. Mutually convenient times can be scheduled.
My practical revenue management course gives you the concepts and theories foundation, allowing you to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and speak with confidence. 

2.  On-line Coaching – One-on-one or Team development
One-on-one interaction with me as a revenue management expert can provide a fast “up-to-speed” solution. 

I can answer questions and give guidance in real time, in the context of your current or future job, without removing you from your day-to-day responsibilities.

My practical experience and personality add an extra dimension to my subject matter skills in delivering a powerful learning experience.

3.  On-line Training – Team
Education and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. The long-term gains make a difference. The short-term expense ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed. That’s an investment you can take to the bank. 

My on-line courses can also be customized and priced to meet your staff training requirements. They offer consistent delivery, message and content that large organizations will especially appreciate. 

I can also give you reports on the progress and results of your team. We award training certification upon successful completion along with final standings.

4. On-line Resource and Reference Library
My library of material related to airline marketing and revenue management is available to my customers.

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