Expertise, training and services focused on revenue management and retailing in the passenger transportation industry

Expertise, mobile-friendly e-learning courses, certification and services for revenue management, retailing, strategy and best practices focused on air, rail and bus transportation

1. E-learning and certification - Individuals

A 30-day self-paced individual study, including interactive webinars and chat with a trainer

Our training has several advantages over what the competitors offer and traditional classroom training. In addition to benefiting from support, our courses can be taken anywhere and anytime. They include:

It is an interesting and affordable solution, learner-centric and conducive to collaboration, which offers online modules to read, webinars and chat with a trainer, tests and assignments, online resources and reference library, and a globally recognized certificate, which is mailed. We invite you to visit our clients and partners page.

We work on the Google Workspace cloud-based platform as a service (PAAS). Our learning management system is Classroom. Compatible with computer, tablet and mobile.

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2. E-learning and certification – Corporate or University

We have trained and certified teams for many passenger carriers around the world. Companies win in the long run by taking care of the training and development of their employees. Expenses incurred in the short term allow them to retain skilled and productive workers who will help the company succeed. This is an investment that pays off.

Your employees or students can take the training whenever and wherever they want, at their own pace. They will be grateful. And you won't have to rack your brains to get everyone together in a room or online to deliver a professional, hands-on lesson, which you'll surely appreciate.

Our e-learning courses can also be customized and priced based on the requirements of your staff training or university program. We can also design, develop and deliver a learning management platform with your own hardware.

We can offer a consistent delivery, message and content that will particularly appeal to larger organizations, and remain available to provide ongoing support and coaching.

The Department of Aviation in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Swinburne University, Melbourne has been offering our Revenue Management course as part of their ongoing graduate program since 2014.

We can also report on the progress and results of your team or class.

Customer Testimonials
"Over the years, we have called on Gary’s expertise and extensive knowledge to assist us in consulting and training mandates in internal projects and with clients around the world. Gary’s experience, dedication and personality have proven to be definite assets in ensuring the success of these mandates. Trainees, in particular, appreciate his pedagogical approach, which finely balances the theory of RM with practical examples and a vast repertoire of relevant use cases and insightful anecdotes” Carlos Triana, VP Commercial Operations, ExPretio Technologies, November 22, 2019.  "Thanks again for a great seminar.  It has helped create a common level of understanding not only within my own team but across a few other teams as well." Bruce Phillips, Consumer Prices Division / Division des prix à la consommation, Stats Canada. November 8, 2018.
"Gary Parker`s work on an assessment of the RM and Pricing department at Ukraine International Airlines and its place within the revenue pipeline helped us to understand our strengths and the right focus to put more effort. I would especially underline Gary`s outstanding dedication to the job, high-level expertise and awareness of the latest developments and techniques in the area of Revenue Management and Pricing." Oksana Verkhulevska, Director of Revenue Management, Ukraine International Airlines, March 2010.
“Gary is extremely knowledgeable in airline revenue management and has combined his training and practical airline expertise into the development of superior training courses in all aspects of the revenue management problem. His personality adds an extra dimension to his subject matter skills in delivering a powerful learning experience.” Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, EVP Strategy & Planning at WestJet, June 9, 2006.

3. Support and consultation

One-on-one online interaction, which we offer as revenue management experts and data strategists, can be a quick fix for “upgrading” knowledge and skills.

This may include business process assessment and modeling as an essential step in adopting a strategic approach to revenue management and implementing such a system. We can help you, among other things, to:

We can answer your questions and provide advice in real time, without removing you from your daily responsibilities.

4. Outsourcing and/or co-sourcing of revenue management

Outsourcing can provide increased budget flexibility and control. It allows organizations to pay for only the services they need when they need them. It also reduces the need to recruit and train specialized staff, provides specific expertise, and reduces capital and operating costs.

All items can be tracked remotely and delivered digitally, and we can leverage the reach and savings of outsourcing to provide the ultimate consumer with high-value services at a reduced price. We partner with revenue management system providers to provide a complete solution.

Co-sourcing is another option where revenue management is done by an organization's internal staff and an outside service provider like us. This may consist, for example, of supplementing in-house staff with specialized skills such as expertise in inventory or turnover management systems, data analysis, the commercial application of strategies using the mechanisms of management of revenues and services related to distribution channels, to provide routine support for internal management during peak periods and to carry out special projects to seize opportunities or reduce risks.