Customers and Partners

Over the years I have trained and certified individuals, university students and corporate teams. We form a long-term professional relationship where we remain in contact, and I offer my support towards their on-going success.

Enrique Gómez-Sancha, MRAeS, MSc ATM Student and Captain B787 at Etihad Airways, March 2022.

Expretio staff training, December 2019

Transtelecom JSC, Kazakhstan Railway, April 2019.

Айгуль Науанова (Aigul Nauanova), octobre 2018, Ferrum Logic, Kazakhstan Railway

Individuals who have graduated with RM certificates

Yog Shrivastava, September 2023 (Retailing and Ancillary Revenue)

Corentin Le Meliner, June 2023 (French course)

Julien Laurent, June 2023 (French course)

Myriam Chaouch, November 2022 (with distinction)

Enrique Gómez-Sancha, March 2022 (with distinction)

Guillaume Brouet, January 2022

Karim Pérez, January 2022

Bhawna Kuchekar, December 2021 (with distinction)

Anouchka Mahadawo, May 2021

Dauren Zhumabayev, November 2020

Joni Pirskanen, September 2020 (with distinction)

Maria Clara Soares, August 2020

Yvonne Laaksonen, April 2020 (with distinction) 

Tiina Anttila, March 2020 (with great distinction)

Riina Pitkänen, March 2020 (with distinction)

Merja Tanner, March 2020 (with distinction)

Omirzhan Begimbetov, Level 2 course, March 2020

Asset Magnayev, Level 2 course, March 2020

Timo Toiviainen, March 2020

Helena Keinänen, February 2020 (with distinction)

Samuli Vilkman, January 2020 (with great distinction)

Omirzhan Begimbetov, April 2019

Asset Magnayev, March 2019

Кайрат Куанышев (Kairat Kuanyshev), March 2019

Айгуль Науанова (Aigul Nauanova), October 2018

Alexandra Camargo, August 2018

Serge Dunn, June 2018

Franck Arisdakessian, December 2017 (French course)

Adrien Dessinges, November 2017 (French course)

Marc Lacharite Laframboise, October 2017

Gontse Mashaba, November 2016

Suman Amala Dhas, July 2016 (with distinction)

Jamaal Gittens, April 2016

Curtis McGrath, January 2016

Mienke Knipe, January 2016 (with distinction)

Zaheer Imtiaz Choudary, November 2015

Gregory Davis, November 2015

Michaela Barthus, July 2015

Naveen Sharma, April 2015

Mailyn Zamora, March 2015

Sawal Thakali, February 2015

Luis de Palacio, February 2015

Arvind Upadhyay, January 2015

Virginia Bressano, November 2014

Julie Guibert, October 2014 (French course, avec distinction)

Suneej P. Agarwal, June 2014

Michał Woźniak, May 2014

Amin Benzaza, April 2014

Saurabh Kumar, April 2014

Nader Morcos, January 2014 (French course)

Morad Hosseinalifam, October 2013 (with great distinction)

Olivier Drolet, October 2013 (with distinction)

Charles Drolet, October 2013 (French course)

Marc Tétreau, October 2013 (with distinction)

Boris Gougeon, October 2013 (French course, avec grande distinction)

Simon Boivin, September 2013

Gary Lemaire, September 2013

Kim Levy, September 2013

Dominique Ryffranck, September 2013, (with distinction)

Ashu Monga, September 2013

Ravi Chamoli, September 2013

Fiona Berry, July 2013

Stefanie Ebanks, July 2013

Ajin Thomas, July 2103

Carlton Seymour, May 2013

Natalia Macovscaia, May 2013

Petri Anttila, April 2013

Sarosh Bhatti, February 2013

Zaheer Thaha, February 2013

Felzia Jose John Jossiah, February 2013

Yog Shrivastava, February 2013

Reynald Regnus, December 2012

Nancy Haince, December 2012

Michel Baillargeon, December 2012

Monique Gravel, December 2012 (with distinction)

Chabane Lakrib, December 2012

Bienka Dayon, December 2012

Sylvie McDonald, December 2012 (with distinction)

Vincent Randy, December 2012

Guillaume Denis, December 2012

Jean-Claude Gagnon, December 2012

Patrick Breton, December 2012 (with great distinction)

Manon Labelle, December 2012

Francois Normand, December 2012 (with great distinction)

Catherine Millaire, December 2012

Michelle LeMaire, December 2012 (with great distinction)

Thibaud Oger, December 2012 (with distinction)

Sheryar Dinyar Shroff, May 2012

Gagan Deep Singh Kohli, March 2012

Lelyzaveta Spitsyna, December 2011 (with distinction)

Rimma Tupytsya, December 2011

Alla Ostashkina, December 2011

Kateryna Oleksenko, December 2011

Olena Stasjuk, December 2011

Iryna Lytvynchuk, December 2011

Nataliia Khmelevskaya, December 2011

Kateryna Dzyuba, December 2011

Olga Lomakina, December 2011

Anastasiia Chechel, December 2011

Anna Danilenko, December 2011

Tatiana Kalinichenko, December 2011

Svetlana Yatsenko, December 2011

Sofiia Soloshchenko, Pricing, December 2011 (with distinction)

Olga Lypovenko, Pricing, December 2011

Olena Likhatsko, Pricing, December 2011

Olena Panchenko, Pricing, December 2011

Maryna Syrovets, Pricing, December 2011

Anna Markelova, Pricing, December 2011

Olga Stryukova, Pricing, December 2011

Daniel Roiss, October 2011

Sahil Gumber, November 2010

Jiss Joseph, May 2010

Pankaj Mehra, September 2009

Nick Brown, October 2008 (with great distinction)

Susanta Kumar Sahoo, December 2007 (with great distinction)

Sandra Tuman, November 2007

Simon Turcotte, January 2007 (with great distinction)

Katy Lau, May 2006

Nick Holding, March 2006

Corporate Customers


Our team of experts in operations research deliver revenue management software and professional services to help our customers achieve their revenue optimization goals.

We offer industry-leading technologies and solutions to help optimize your current operations.

Author and Tutor with the Department of Aviation, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in Melbourne. My course, HS1-AVA80034-Airline Revenue Management and Pricing, on-going since 2014. 

Along with my associates, contributed Chapter 5, Customer Points of Contact, to the book, Airline Operations - A Practical Guide - Edited by Peter J. Bruce, Yi Gao, John M. C. King.